My name is Corrie. I love to laugh, learn, read, create, and teach. My favorite people in the world are my husband (my life doula), and after him our two daughters who bless, inspire, stretch, and delight us every single day.

I grew up free-ranging on a farm in the San Juan Bautista countryside where I built forts, climbed trees, got splinters, ate fruit off trees while I read books under – or in – them, and came back to the house as dirty as possible.

There are five of us, and the youngest, my little brother, was born when I was 11 years old. I immediately fell in love with infants and began dreaming and hoping for my own.

I met my husband on the first day of our freshmen year of high school. We began dating soon after we graduated, and were married several years later.

We love living here in the Santa Cruz area. You can often find the whole family downtown tasting delicious things at Chocolate or Penny’s, picking out flowers and produce at the Aptos Farmers Market, or visiting the puppies at the SPCA by Target. Matt and I love to spend our date nights finding delicious local and sustainable restaurants from Los Gatos to Carmel and everywhere in between. Ask me sometime about our favorites!

Through the joy-filled process of our two daughter's births, I have become passionate about supporting women and their families as they experience the joy and adventure of pregnancy and birth. I hope to continue learning and growing in the field of prenatal and postnatal doula care, prenatal nutrition, exercise, yoga, and massage. As Julia Child said, “You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” And I certainly love caring for women while their bodies nourish and grow a little heart who will change their world forever.