Doula Care - $1000 *see below*

With me as your doula, you will receive:

  • Support and encouragement in the birth of your choosing, whether at the hospital, birthing center, or home, with or without medication or intervention.

  • A complimentary preliminary interview to ensure that I am a good fit for you and your family, as well as to discuss your birth hopes and goals.

  • 3 prenatal meetings to prepare your mind and heart and body for baby. Through these meetings we will establish trust and a shared plan for your birth. It is so helpful to have husbands and partners join these meetings so that you two can be together on the plan, and we can begin our partnership before the birth.

  • Follow up emails from each visit to stay together on what hopes and goals you have, and the steps we are each taking toward those goals.

  • On-call doula support beginning two weeks before your estimated due date, and continuing until birth. That means I am available day or night as the days leading up to birth can come with lots of questions (was that a contraction?).

  • Continuous labor support beginning when you want it. Each woman is different; some want to labor alone with their partners and have me meet them at the hospital. Some women want to be attended as soon as we are certain that this is labor. And still others find a companion to be comforting and helpfully distracting while waiting to establish whether or not this is labor.

  • Two hours minimum of postpartum care to support you in breastfeeding, getting a healthy snack for momma (and partner!), or celebrating with a winding down massage and extra hands to catch those first pictures of baby-love.

  • A postnatal visit within 3 days of birth to answer any breastfeeding questions, check on your recovery process, celebrate your birth, and enjoy a cup of tea.

  • A follow up visit a few weeks after birth to verbally process and address any new questions or challenges you may have discovered.


It is my honor and privilege to support you and your family in your birthing experience. If the price point is not financially possible for you, please contact me anyways so that we can discuss your needs and situation. Above all I want you to receive the support you are looking for, and I am willing to find a way to make that happen.

Additional Support Options:

Sibling Education and Preparation Workshop - 1.5hrs/$100

For families planning a homebirth or for those who would like to use this exciting time as a family to begin the discussion of how life is formed, I have created this sibling preparation workshop to present information in a warm, joyful, family bonding way. Here are some examples of what we can do together, but this workshop would also be tailored for your specific family, so we can work together on making it a special time.

~ Pregnancy and Labor overview (as in-depth as you desire)
~ Discussion of common sights, sounds, and feelings during labor and birth
~ Discussion and open communication time with mom and dad about the family's birth plan
~ Preparation for "how I can help" during mommy's labor
~ Option for videos of women in labor to initiate discussion (not graphic, just to give a sense of the atmosphere and breathing sounds she might make)
~ Coloring page of baby in the uterus to establish a connection and celebrate the process
~ Painting mommy's tummy (if desired)
~ Read together time - a storybook about welcoming baby

Placenta Prints - $100

The placenta that you and your baby share is a miraculous and unique organ that is beautiful and intriguing. Using non-toxic inks (to allow for subsequent encapsulation if desired), or using the life-giving blood that it comes with, I will capture the singular vein pattern that carried nutrients to your baby. Many women keep the prints as they are, or add to them creating beautiful pieces of art.

~ Black and white OR color prints for you decorate, add to, or frame as you choose
~ Style, size, number of prints to be decided together with you.

Blessing Gathering - priced individually

Along with the birth of a baby, a new mom is also born. Even with subsequent children, a mom of now two, or three, or four will be born who has never been that way before. This deeply spiritual and transformational experience should be honored and celebrated and covered in blessing and prayer. 

A Blessing Gathering is similar to a baby shower - but more like a momma shower! Those closest to you are invited to bless you, pray over you, and honor you as you carry life and as you prepare to bring that life into the world. A typical guest list may include your mom and/or your closest mom-figures, and your sisters and/or several of your closest friends. The gathering can be planned together with you or with a friend who is throwing the celebration for you.

Here are examples of some beautiful and meaningful activities that you can have at your Blessing Gathering:

~ Bracelet making - each guest makes a bracelet that they will wear when they hear that you are in labor, to remind them to pray for you throughout the day, then each guest chooses one bead that is put on a bracelet for you to wear in labor, to remind you of all the women standing with you in spirit.
~ Blessing Share - each guest brings a written blessing, a song, a verse, or poem that they can either share and read over you or you can read later. These are saved and brought to your labor so that you can read over them or use your favorites as a focal point
~ Foot bath and neck/back massage for momma
~ Affirmation Art - Each guest chooses an affirmation to decorate and paint. These works of art will be brought to your birth and/or hung in your home in the weeks leading up to the birth to remind you of how capable you are.

There are so many possibilities - what would you feel blessed by? We can add to these or come up with others that suit you best.