Big Sister's Perspective of a Home Birth

I was so thrilled to have my daughter attend our home birth – one of the reasons we wanted to try for a home birth in the first place. Here are her memories of the day…

When my sister was born I was 4 and 1/2. I don’t remember everything that happened that day, but I do remember some stuff.

Both my grandma’s and my mom and dad and the midwives were all here. My grandma’s were waiting upstairs and baking. My grandma and I had planned ahead to make a birthday cake for my sister, so we did that while we waited. It was a chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries and a few candies on top.

My mom and dad were in their room, on their bed. Sometimes I could hear my mom crying a little bit or moaning. I went in and visited about two times or maybe more. I would stand by mom and rub her arm. She looked like she was kind of asleep.

Then mommy started to get a little bit louder towards the end of the birth, and then daddy called me to come down into the bedroom – sister’s head was coming out! I could see her hair and a little bit of blood, but I wasn’t scared. I was happy. Then her head came out and then her body. The midwife put sister straight on mommy’s tummy and chest. Right away, sister started peeing on mommy’s tummy and on the bed. I thought it was kind of weird. But mommy said its just pee. She was just excited because baby was here in her arms.

Sister looked like a cute little smoosh. She was a little bit purple and pink and a little bit of skin color. She looked like she didn’t know what anything was and she was looking all around at everybody. Then sister started nursing.

I climbed into bed with mommy and daddy and sister. We all had cake – well sister didn’t have cake. Then we snuggled.

I got to help the midwife clean sister and measure her and weigh her. Then we wrapped her in a blankie.

For the next couple of days I helped take care of mommy and daddy with my grandma. I would take their orders for food and then help grandma make it.

Even though sister was super cute then, she is lots of fun now that she is older. We like to go to the park and play in the sun. We like to tickle each other and chase each other. We get to share a room and see each other every morning – except sister wakes up really early and never lets me sleep in.

And thats the story of my sister’s birth.

~ Big sister, 6 years old (with some help from mommy)